Saturday, January 7, 2017

Growing Up a #JW

In my previous post, I talked a bout a few of my goals, which included spiritual ones also.
I let everyone know that I was one of Jehovahs's Witnesses, which everybody thinks they know something about.
In reality, they know little, so as one, I'll take the time to explain what a Jehovah's Witness is.
So, I was raised as a Jehovah's Witness all of my life. I had always went out in service every Saturday with my family. Service is the practice of going out whether door to door, public places, or wherever we find interested ones, telling them about God's Kingdom & his purpose for mankind & the earth.
we attend Conventions & Assemblies every year, conventions last for 3 days, & assemblies are only 1. We go here to be encouraged, & receive updates on things throughout the organization, which is now over 8 million individuals.
I was baptized on January 27. 2012, at the age of 12 years old. Since then, I've enjoyed many privileges of service, that includes reading the watchtower for our public meetings, & carrying the microphones to those who wish to participate during the question & answer portions.
Becoming a Jehovah's Witness was a choice that I voluntarily made, & one that I have no regrets about.
If you want to read more about Jehovah's Witnesses, feel free to visit our website online at

New Year, Who Dis?

So 2017 is officially here, (it's actually been here for 7 days now, but who's counting?).
In December, I set goals for myself that I wanted to accomplish before the end of 2017, & I am doing well so far. No, it's not a "New Year's Resolution", because I personally think that those are plain dumb. I set these goals for myself because I was tired of taking L's left & right smh. And for some reason, something about "The New Year" just seems like a good time to pretend like you have control of your life, when in actuality, you know it's slowly spiraling out of your control, & you can do nothing to stop it. (*Crys*)
Anywho,  I'm sure your're interested in finding out what some of my goals are for the year of 2017, (I know you actually aren't ), so I'll drop them below & give you a brief explanation of what each one means to me & why I want to accomplish it.

1) Get a License
The reason for this is pretty obvious. but if you still must know more, I have 0.2 friends & no other way of getting around than my parents & the local city bus, which both can get old.
2) Get a Car
This is kind of the same thing as my first goal. Once I get my license, which is set to be January 11th 2017 (depending on if the ice/snowy roads clear up enough for me to take my final driving test), I'll be able to purchase a car after my 18th birthday, which is on February 9th. #GrownMan
Comment your first car, or when you got/will get your license below. 
3) Become a Ministerial Servant
For those of you who don't know, I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses. A Ministerial Servant is basically a person who assist those in the congregation to reach their full potential. This is one of my goals because I have a genuine love for human kind & I believe that I am an easy person to talk to, which goes a long way as a Ministerial Servant.
4) Regular Auxiliary Pioneer
(Another Spiritual Goal)
An auxiliary pioneer is a person who spend 50 hours of service preaching each month about god's kingdom, something that I've wanted to do for awhile, & will be in a position to do so, once I graduate school.(Next Goal)
5) Graduate School
Again, this is obvious. I've attended this draining, tedious thing for all of my life, & I'm ready to be done with school, finally!
6) Be a better Person
A general goal that I want to improve on in all areas of my life.

Sooo, yep, that about wraps up everything that I hope to accomplish before 2017 ends, maybe I'll even accomplish more. Let me know your goals for 2017 & check back often for the next blog post.